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Caring for Your Wood Furniture
by Giorgi Bros. | Feb 11, 2013

Caring for Your Wood Furniture

You might be surprised to find out that dust is your wood furniture’s worst enemy! A natural abrasive, dust creates microscopic scratches that dull a finish over time. Weekly dusting is a simple way to keep your furniture looking beautiful. When using a dust cloth, wipe in the direction of the wood grain. If you wish to use a polish on your wood product only use a non wax product like Guardsman Furniture Polish. If you have waxy build up the wood can be cleaned with a product like Guardsman Wood Cleaner. 

Dining Table Preventative Care

Scratches: Avoid scratching your table by never sliding objects across the wood surface. Use cork or felt pads under centerpieces, planters, etc. and swap them out occasionally. Light surface nicks and scratches can be treated, for example with Guardsman Liquid Scratch Cover or Wood Touch-Up Markers. Slightly deeper scratches can be filled with Wood Filler Sticks that won’t shrink, dry out, discolor or rub off. Very deep scratches may require professional restoration. 

Liquids: Accidents happen! Wipe up spills immediately and check to make sure it hasn’t collected under objects like vases where it can cause damage to the finish.

Fading: Over time, wood mellows and fades. Areas under decorative objects or centerpieces will fade at a different rate causing color variations. Moving these objects around throughout the year will make fading less noticeable. 

Heat Damage:  Hot objects will damage your table surface, even a hot pizza box can cause discoloration and damage to the finish.  Always place hot objects on trivets, cork, or other specially made protectors.  Tablepads can be custom cut for any table and will protect against heat damage.

Linen or cotton tablecloths & placemats are preferable to vinyl and plastic materials which can damage some types of finishes or leave residues that can build up over time.

Tablepads provide full protection against hot objects and scratches. Giorgi Bros. can order custom pads for any table in a variety of colors.

Custom-cut glass can protect your wood surfaces and still allow for the beauty of the wood to show through. We can order glass cut in any shape or thickness.

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Guardsman products including: dusting cloths, furniture polish , Wood Filler Sticks, Liquid Scratch Cover, and Wood Touch-Up Markers are all available at our showroom, let us know if you’d like them included with the delivery of your furniture.
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