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Deep Roots - March 2010
by Powell Slaughter | May 15, 2012

San Francisco Bay-Area Retailer Giorgi Bros. Sells Furniture to Grandkids of Some Original Customers

Customer relationship management is more than business-speak at Giorgi Bros. in South San Francisco, Calif. It's a philosophy that's been in place long before CRM became a strategy buzzword. A customer base in some cases in its third generation, as well as consistency of service and location, have served Giorgi Bros. well since 1933, and have allowed the store to succeed on what some would call an anachronistic—but highly cost-effective—advertising strategy.

To whit, how many brick-and-mortar furniture stores can you name that use no television or radio advertising, and minimal newspaper promotion? Here's one: Giorgi Bros.For years, Giorgi Bros. relied solely upon Yellow Pages ads in all Bay-area city phone books as its only advertising vehicle. Except for some occasional co-op advertising, the store has no newspaper ads, and uses no television promotion.

It might sound archaic, but it's worked."Every time I kick myself for running Yellow Page ads, I see the sales form checked that the customer saw us in the Yellow Pages," said  Tom Giorgi , who owns the store with his brother Steve, father Robert and sister Alisa. The Yellow Pages are "an easy way to advertise. It's a broad net, and it's targeted to the people who are interested. They have a need and they're looking. Still, we have been shifting ad dollars to online search vehicles (such as Google Words) the past five or six years."Thankfully, advertising is not what drives our business," Giorgi continued. "It's word-of-mouth and our longevity and consistency with the store. I recognize just about everyone coming in the door if they're repeat customers."Giorgi Bros. is in the process of revamping its Web site, and when the new version is up and running, the store will put that word-of-mouth to work through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.The minimalist advertising philosophy goes back to the prior generation."A lot of that's due to my dad," Giorgi said. "He didn't put a lot of time into advertising. I want to be careful speaking for him, but he spent his time growing business with the customers he had."Some of those customers go back a long way.

STAYING PUT PAYS While Giorgi Bros. furniture operation goes back to 1933, the company's history as merchants on the same city block in South San Francisco began in 1899, when the current generation of Giorgis' great-grandfather opened a grocery store.

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